shining + polishing your brass jewelry

while a lot of HEIR babes love how the brass components of their jewelry patina (change color over time with wear), others want to keep their brass jewelry BRIGHT + SHINY  and we want to facilitate that... so we created this step-by-step guide for cleaning and polishing your brass jewelry  or anything you own that is brass, copper, stainless steel, chrome, pewter, or bronze

brasso tut - 1.jpg

getting started

you will need your darkened brass jewelry, a bottle of brasso (on amazon for $6 but also available at most pharmacies and grocery store)s, and an old rag that you don't mind getting gross. a few pretty plants around doesn't hurt... hehe


pour a dime sized amount of brasso on one corner of your rag and squeeze it together to spread it out a little on the cloth

brasso tut - 4.jpg
brasso tut - 7.jpg
brasso tut - 6.jpg
brasso tut - 9.jpg


begin rubbing the brasso portion of the rag along your brass piece  /  you can already see it shining up half of the neck cuff 

after applying brasso, grab a clean corner of the rag and thoroughly rub off the remaining brasso - the more you rub the shinier it will get! 



notice the difference between left side (unpolished) and the right side (polished)

brasso tut - 11.jpg
brasso tut - 14.jpg

totally shined + polished

here's how everything looks after being shined up